My name is Marisa and I'm a 28 year-old portuguese girl trying to get away with life, living back with my parents and looking for a job - not a very glamorous life as you can see! Graduated in Communication and Multimedia Design and with an almost finished post-graduation in Fashion Communication Design, I created My Wandering Days as a way to express myself in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty fields. But also, let's not forget the personal factor!

I want to be this place as mine as it can be. I want to be true to myself and my beliefs and bring into here all the things that makes me happy, those little details that make life worth it! I've always struggled with "oversharing" but since this is my space, my blog, my creation, I'll try to destroy this barrier that I've been creating around me. I suffer from depression - as many do, unfortunatelly - and with this blog I hope to find a meaning, to find the strength to leave my bed, to put on some clothes and to write down and photograph all the things that inspire me.

My Wandering Days is a space of wonder! A space where I'll share my new life, my new discoveries and my not-that-new passion for all the things lifestyle related. I hope you like it here and I do hope you can feel free to express yourself, no taboos allowed. We are young, right? Let's do it the young way!

Feel free to e-mail me at: