Get Ready With Me

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It's funny how sometimes I just completely disappear out of the blog world just to come back some months later very assured that "this time is for real". But trust me, this time is for real! I'm finding it hard to blog though. You know, to sit down and write an interesting article - but I am finding it easier to just YouTube my ideas away!

That's why I just published a cheeky GRWM on my YouTube channel and I'd love for you to go there and just give it a look, maybe subscribe! I don't know the destiny of this blog but I am sure I'll be YouTubbing a lot. Hopefully with that, my writing creativity will be back and I'll be posting more often here. 

For now on I'll be writing and filming in english only but the only reason for that is that I just moved to the UK and I think it makes more sense to keep my online platforms in an universal language that people from all over the world can understand - ok, maybe I'll have a portuguese translation option as well! But I think I'll keep in until the next video (or post) the story about how I just packed my bags about 4 months ago and got a flight to Edinburgh to start a completely new and different life. Trust me, it's insane!

Anyway, I hope to see you all soon!

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